Best Places to Stay in Bali

In this blog I’m going to be giving the heads up on where to stay in Bali, whilst keeping in line with your traveler budget!

So, I’ve been to Bali 3 times so far. Twice on holidays, and the last time I spent a month backpacking Indonesia. And I can assure you, no matter how big or small your budget is, you’ll find a beautiful place to stay! But I can also help you find the best places to stay in Bali by recommending the places I have stayed… The ultimate Bali guide of hotels in Bali.

All my links below will take you through to the Expedia website, they were the main website I used whilst I was traveling as they have an excellent awards program which lets you build up points to use for discounts on future bookings. I found because I was using them so much through my 3 months of travelling I actually acquired quite a few nights free! BONUS!

First I’ll start off with the beautiful hotels I stayed in on my most recent adventure back in August/September 2017.

Trust me, you don’t have to stay in awful 38 bed dorms in Bali to make the most of your budget. Bali has some really beautiful hostels, but even better they have some incredibly beautiful hotels, pretty much all for about £20-£35 ($25-$40) on average, and split between even just two of you makes it all worth it… so you tell me, would you rather stay in a hostel or a hotel? I know my answer…

So let’s get this ultimate guide to Bali hotels started!


First stop was the forever famous Seminyak, a place I have been many times before, but I just had to show Fran around as she had never been before! You have the likes of Potato Head Beach Club, you can find my blog post about PH HERE, Mrs Sippy and Cocoon Beach Club (for those all day pool parties!)

Seminyak is Bali’s “up-town”. It has beautiful beach clubs, 5* world renowned hotels such as The W and Alila Hotel.

It is home to hundreds, even thousands of fantastic quality restaurants, one of my all time faves being Mexicola – not only is the food amazing but the entire place is draped in colourful vibrancy! And some of the clubs in Seminyak are top class too.

With it being a bit more expensive, so were the hotels, but I still managed to find a really good deal with Ibis Styles – now I know what you’re thinking, “why in the hell would I want to stay in an Ibis in Bali?” Well you’ve got to trust me on this one, the hotel isn’t your usual Ibis… the rooms are beautiful and it’s really not far from anything. Oh and the breakfast is a winner! When we stayed we paid £30 per night, between us, so that’s just £15 per night each!

We spent 3 nights here!

Click here to be taken through to Ibis Styles Hotel in Seminyak


Although we had spent three nights in Seminyak, when we met up with a travel couple we had made friends with in Cambodia, we decided we wanted to stay an extra couple of nights, but unfortunately it was super popular at the Ibis and so we move to the hotel our friends were staying in. Which is one of the chain hotels you’ll find all over Bali, we stayed at Favehotel, Umalas which was literally round the corner from the Ibis (and it was slightly cheaper too at £25 per night between us)

We stayed here for 2 nights.

Click here to be taken through to Favehotel in Seminyak


After spending the first 5 days in Seminyak, as much as the beaches there are beautiful, we wanted to go relax on some pristine turquoise beaches without having to worry about the surfers, so further down south we went to Jimbaran. Admittedly a lot of “resort hotels”are in this area, but we based ourselves slightly inland so that all areas were no more than a 20minute scooter ride away.

What a treat that was – basing yourself slightly inland obviously means you get better value for money, but this beauty of a hotel had the most incredible infinity pool on the roof!

We stayed here for 3 nights.

This hotel we managed to get for £22 per night for the two of us, what a bargain!

Click here to be taken through to MaxOneHotels, Bukit Jimbaran


Whilst we were down south we used this opportunity to go across to the islands just off the coast of Bali. Nusa Lembongan is somewhere I have always wanted to go and I finally got to go!

I did a bit of research and read that Mushroom Bay was where the best beach was at, so after a bit of searching on Expedia and investigating the reviews I decided on Mushroom Beach Bungalows as I wanted something actually on the beach (considering we were on an island!)

Mushroom Beach Bungalows was interesting to say the least! Our beach hit was beautiful.. but we did have a little fluffy friend at night (a mouse). But it was harmless and kind of entertaining watching Fran scream every time she heard a litter patter of feet! I did actually speak to reception about this and they simply said it was the usual on the island particularly in wooden bungalows!

It was little more expensive on the island so we paid £33 per night between the two of us.

We stayed here for 3 nights.

So if you don’t mind mice then…

Click here to be taken through to Mushroom Beach Bungalows, Nusa Lembongan


Ubud was my first ever introduction to Bali back in 2014 when I went on holiday to Bali for the first time. Such an incredible and serene place.

I was super excited to take Fran here and show her the beautiful forests and rice paddies, so I made sure our hotel over looked the rice paddies.

Kiskenda Cottages is probably one of my favourite hotels of the trip, it’s a little off the beaten track, but it’s so worth it and they are so friendly! The balcony’s over look the surrounding rice paddies and the swimming pool is to die for!

We paid £33 per night between us and stayed for 3 nights!

Click here to go through to Kiskenda Cottages, Ubud


If you go to Bali, you’ll most probably do a lot of the south, as I have done. But I am making it my challenge to explore as much of the North of Bali as possible, it really is a whole other ball game up there. Barely any tourists, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. And to top it off we stayed at the most incredible place high up in the hills with an infinity pool that looks over the whole of Lovina’s coastline.

This was recommended to us by our fiends who we spent time with in Seminyak, and they couldn’t have recommended a more beautiful place!

Lovina is where you go for black sand beaches, waterfalls and dolphin watching. Pure bliss.

We stayed at The Hamsa Resort for 2 nights and it cost us £35 between us per night.

Click here to go through to The Hamsa Bali Resort, Lovina


The last place I stayed in Bali during my 3 months of traveling was Canggu.

Basically the surfers paradise of Bali. It has incredible breakfast cafés lining the main high street. An awesome pizza place called Luigi’s (actually dribbling thinking about the pizza) and to top it off it has a really big motorbike scene too.Whilst in Canggu, I stayed at FRIi Bali Echo Beach Hotel. The rooms were beautiful and it was literally a 2 minute walk to the famous echo beach one way and then a 5 minute walk the other way to the main high street.

We stayed for 4 nights and it cost us £30 per night!

Click here to be taken through to FRIi Bali Echo Beach

From Canggu we (sadly) left Bali, due to our 30 day Indonesian visa running out, but we headed to Malaysia… that’s whole other travel blog, which I’ll have to save until next time! But I can honestly say that I’ll never get bored of Bali, well even Indonesia as a whole, and I cannot wait to get back there! Loving the Bali life!

Let me know if you do decide to stay in any of the hotels as I’d love to give you further tips!?

And if you have any questions about the areas in Bali, then let me know! I’m basically like the local Bali tour guide!

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