Steff enjoying her vegan burger and fries


I mean, most travellers are! Are they not? Having travelled the world and sampled some of the worlds finest cuisines we do love a good meal out.

When we returned from our travels in 2019 and after becoming vegan/plant based, we were fortunate enough to get to sample some of the best food Bristol/UK has to offer.

Of course every now and then there will be recommendations from around the world like The Social Club in New Zealand.

Best Vegan Tapas in Bristol – Casa Verde

It’s been an exciting journey since returning home to Bristol after After fully committing to being Vegan, Bristol is most definitely the best place to be!

And now, we are on a mission to find Bristols BEST vegan food.

On our search, we have discovered multiple fast food restaurants serving their best versions of well known take away food. However, Dave at Casa Verde, has really spiced it up with his all vegan tapas menu

Meatless Mondays at The Social Club, Rotorua, NZ

When we lived in Te Puke, we were invited to Mount Social Club to try out their new “Meatless Monday” initiative… here is what we thought of this restaurant.