Balangan Beach Bali

Balangan Beach was probably our favourite beach in Bali, like ever.

Having been to Bali 4 times, in just as many years, I think its fair to say we know Bali pretty well and this beach just absolutely won us over.

Locally known as Pantai Balangan, it is famous for its beautiful sunsets, turquoise waters and white sands. No wonder there is a specific “Wedding Photos” area up on the cliff top!

Just look how crystal clear that water is!!

Where is it?

Balangan Beach is on the South Western tip of Bali and if you’re staying in Uluwatu or Jimbaran then we’d highly recommend this to be your main beach to visit.

However, if you’re staying in Seminyak or Canggu it is still accessible! Either grab a Blue Bird Taxi or hop on a moped it will take between one hour – one and a half hours to get there and its well worth the drive.

What is there to do?

Bali being renowned for surfing, Balangan is one of the best surfing points in Bali – a surfers paradise!

As you climb down the 20 or so steps, to the left of the steps is the surf and to the right of the steps is a beautiful picture opportunity with the cliff in the back ground. The water is beautiful to swim in and you can hang your clothes on the rocks whilst you swim/sun bath!

You can actually head to the cliff top for some stunning views of the beach – as you pull into the car park instead of walking left toward the shops and the steps, head right and keep walking until you get to the cliff edge!

There are a couple of restaurants along the beach front which serves basic Indonesian food at reasonably ok prices.

Best time to visit?

It all depends on what you want from the beach! If you’ve been exploring the nearby beaches, then leave this one until last so you can stay to watch the incredible sunset.
Our favourite time was round 2-3pm as the tide was high and sun really lit up the ocean and made it sparkle turquoise!

Where to stay?

We actually stayed near Pandawa Beach, as the hotels were slightly cheaper! In fact we managed to bag ourselves a right bargain and stayed in a brand spanking new hotel (definitely 4* rating) for as little at £17 per night (about 320K IDR).

We stayed at Pandawa Hill Resort

It only took around 15 minutes on the moped to reach Balangan Beach.

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