The Best Vegan Tapas in Bristol

The best All Vegan Tapas Restaurant in Bristol
No.12 Easton hosts amazing new venture Casa Verde in the evenings for amazing vegan tapas.

It’s been an exciting journey since returning home to Bristol after After fully committing to being Vegan, Bristol is most definitely the best place to be!

And now, we are on a mission to find Bristols BEST vegan food.

Casa Verde – All Vegan Tapas

On our search, we have discovered multiple fast food restaurants serving their best versions of well known take away food. However, Dave at Casa Verde, has really spiced it up with his all vegan tapas menu.

We were invited down to where he is currently situated at No12 Easton – a cosy little cafe that turns into an all Vegan Tapas restaurant on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Even the accompanying drinks menu offers vegan beer and wine.

“This dish was like a sexier version of risotto.”

Below you will find a list of the tapas that we more than willingly devoured.

The Food

Bread + Olive Oil

Warm, golden, freshly baked bread with melt-in-your-mouth olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And yep, we ordered this twice during our visit.

Mushroom & Black Truffle Arancini

The second you break the arancini balls open the black truffle aroma arouses your senses. EVERY. SINGLE. BITE. WAS. MAGICAL.

Mushroom & Black Truffle Arancini - All Vegan Tapas Restaurant - Casa Verde, Bristol

Leek & Romesco

Beautiful charred leeks with a Spanish ramesco sauce, made by combining nuts and roasted red peppers. This punchy tapas dish screamed out spring flavours which was quite comforting on a rainy winter evening!

Leek & Romesco - All Vegan Tapas, Bristol

Cauliflower a la Gallega

We should have begged for the secret ingredients to this incredible dish, because the flavours were phenomenal – we HIGHLY recommend ordering this when you visit!

Cauliflower a la Gallega - All Vegan Tapas, Bristol

Bravas + Aioli

The famous Patatas Bravas is a typical tapas dish, but Daves’ creation had a crispy twist! These twice-cooked Bravas were super seasoned and an absolute delight. And don’t even get us started on the aioli – undeniably delicious.

Patatas Bravas - All Vegan Tapas, Bristol


We have struggled to find a decent vegan tortilla anywhere, so we were apprehensive when ordering this. HA, how naive of us. Just like every single individual tapas dish that stimulated our taste buds, the tortilla at Casa Verde blew us away. What cheese did you use Dave?!

Wild Mushroom Wet Rice

You had me at wild mushroom. This dish was like a sexier version of risotto. I wish we didn’t over-do it on everything else, we would have ordered a second portion of this. Every mouthful brought us great joy.

Wild Mushroom Wet Rice - All Vegan Tapas, Bristol

After gobbling up the above tapas, we didn’t think we had any room left. However, after Dave (the wizard chef) described the Chocolate Torte to us, we were truly convinced.

Chocolate Torte

NO REGRETS in agreeing to this – the mouth-watering chocolate torte with the ginger nut base and suprising pepper kick was the ultimate finale to our Casa Verde visit.

Chocolate Tore  - All Vegan Tapas, Bristol

A massive thank you to Dave, the mastermind behind these dishes, for welcoming us to Casa Verde. We will be back, there is no doubt in that.


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