The Vespa Trip – Amalfi Coast

If you’re into travelling and have a slight obsession with Europe, then you might just have heard about The Vespa Trip – be it through someone who has taken part in the tour or from it being cleverly advertised through your social media platforms!

Through Facebook is how we found about the trip! I think I had been researching a trip to the Amalfi Coast when we came upon this organised tour, and having just returned from a 3 month trip around Asia, I was wanderlusting HARD. So it was a no brainier to book this trip… after a little research to see if I could do the same thing but organised by ourselves at a cheaper rate, I soon realised that this trip actually offer the best rate going, so we booked it that same day!

What is The Vespa Trip?

It is a tour group that actually offers 3 routes through Italy; Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Sicily. It is a self-drive tour where you join up to 20 others with the same goal – to explore Italy on a Vespa!

How much does it cost?

The Amalfi Coast trip cost us €590 per person, but that includes your vespa rental, hotel stays, breakfast at each hotel and the van transportation of your luggage. So, an absolute bargain! The only things you have to pay for are your transport to Naples and your lunch/dinner!

What do you do on the trip?

With two tour guides – one up front leading the way and the other at the back driving the van with all of our luggage in, it was actually quite a flexible tour. At the beginning of the trip you are offered a GPS in case you decide you want to venture off on your own – very handy!

So here’s a run down of what we got up during our Vespa Trip along the Amalfi Coast;

Monday:The tour begins on the Monday, as in everyone arrives and checks in with the tour guides, but the official road trip starts the next day when you walk with everyone to the Vespa rental shop – in this case (Amalfi Coast tour) you head to Vespa Sprint. From there the group heads out of the city along the coast.

Tuesday: At the beginning of the trip you are handed a road book which gives you suggestions for stops – we decided that we would ride with the group for the first destination which was Pompeii and there after we would head out on our own so that we could take as little or as long as we wanted in each place!

From Pompeii we headed on to Sorrento and had a little walk around this seaside town and stopped for a coffee, before our final leg to our hotel just outside of Sorrento in Sirenuse.

From Sorrento we then took a very winding, but picturesque ride down to Sirenuse where our next hotel was situated. The tour guides had booked a table at one of the restaurants on the beach (they will ask you each morning if you’d like top join the group for dinner that evening). So we dined on the beach as the sunset, which was very beautiful.

Wednesday:This is the day that you get to experience the Amalfi Coast – setting off in the direction on Amalfi, we set off an hour earlier than the group as we had planned an extra pit stop in Positano for a drink on the terrace of Le Sirenuse, which is apparently has the best view of Positano. But also comes at a ridiculously high price and really stuck up waiters, as we unfortunately found out (after paying €10 for a 200ml coke!!!)

I’d recommend heading to Le Sirenuse, but not going in, if you carry on a little up the hill past Le Sirenuse, you will find yourself an excellent view without the price tag!

After our stop off in Positano, we carried on to Marina Di Praia – the first recommended stop in the road book. It was a beautiful little swim spot with crystal clear waters, but because we had spent a little too long in Positano (trying to get our moneys worth at Le Sirenuse) we didn’t stop for a dip. We admired the view and then hopped back on the Vespa! From here we headed up to Ravello, which is slightly tucked away from the coastline, but has spectacular hillside/vineyard views and a cute like square. Here we sat down to eat some really yummy (gluten free!) pizza!

The next part of the route, there were two options – to carry on along the coastline or inland to complete the Amalfi Hinterland (loop). We chose to do the loop, which at times became quite cold, but was incredibly beautiful and worth being cold for all of 5 minutes! The green scenery was so dreamy!

From here we carried on to our resting spot for the night in Salerno – it was quite a shock coming into Salerno from the coast as its quite a built up city. But still holds that cute little Italian charm. We dined separately from the group this night, but found an authentic fish restaurant in the town, it was a fun experience trying to order in extremely broken Italian (on our part) and extremely broken English (on the waitresses part) ! Amazingly we got served exactly what we asked for!

Thursday:The penultimate day, where we once again headed off an hour earlier than the group. We left the coast and headed inland, not forgetting that we spent about 45 minutes going round in circles! – The GPS that we were given has two options for this route, long or short. We, of course, chose the long route but we just couldn’t quite get back on the right tracks so we ended up using google maps! I’d highly recommend spending this day following the group, i’d also recommend wearing trousers and taking a jumper because once you get up into the mountains it gets extremely cold on the Vespas!

Another reason to go with the group is, when we arrived at our first stop for lunch, we were just finishing as the group turned up and they had been to a lake in the mountains which we had completely missed!

After lunch we continued on our way with our GPS, got lost again and had to go back to the group to ask Hans (the tour guide) for help! Once he pointed us in the right direction we were off, heading for the inland town of Avellino. Although it wasn’t a coastal drive we absolutely adored this ride, weaving up and down the mountains and driving through cute little villages!

Avellino is a traditional inland town, and the best thing about it is that it is not touristy in the slightest! In the evening we had a walk round the central square whilst looking for a place to watch to World Cup!

Friday: The last day! Although for most of us this was a sad day, it was also an exciting day as we were heading for Mount Vesuvius!

We had spent the evening before watching the footie, so we got up early and headed out for golden hour to capture a couple of pictures of Avellino before we left! It was a beautiful way to start the day!

As it was the last day, and we were fed up of our GPS taking us in circles, we stuck with the group. It was quite a feeling following the group, snaking up and down the mountain side whilst locals looked on, sometimes waving and sometimes honking their horn (in a good way) at us!

After a pit stop at a supermarket to pick up lunch and a sit down in a cute little terrace to eat lunch we were back on the road heading for the volcano!
Toward the top of Vesuvius there is a ticket desk, it costs €10 for the entrance ticket and €3 to park the Vespa. Once you’ve parked the bike it is then about a 30 minute steep, gravelly up hill climb to the top. But the views on the way up are oh so worth it!

After the Mount Vesuvius climb we made our way back to Naples where we said our goodbyes to our beautiful Vespas and headed back to the hotel for one last night (same hotel as the first night). As it was the last night we decided it would only be right to have one last dinner with the group. So we headed to the restaurant that the guides had booked – it was really yummy and cheaply priced too! We were impressed.
After a couple of shots of Melonchelo, we said our goodbyes to the group and made our way back to the hotel.

Our overall opinion of the trip!

Overall the trip was incredible, very tiring but incredible! Although at times we got lost and went in circles (we blame the GPS…) it was all part of the adventure, and my gosh what an adventure it was! From turquoise, glistening coastlines to vast rolling green hills to gravelly volcanoes we cannot recommend The Vespa Trip – Amalfi Coast enough! And once we are back from our round the world trip we will be making sure we get a taste of some of the other Vespa Trips they have to offer!

If you’d like more information you can find it here at The Vespa Trip

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