About Us

Hi there! We are Steff & Ells, a Queer Travel Couple exploring the world, and building our very own Camper Van, Bohemia!


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Hey! I am Steff and I am 30 something with a passion for new adventures and experiencing life to the MAX. I have never been one to settle in one place – I quite literally have itchy feet… From the age of 17 I have lived everywhere but home!

I love taking pictures and creating content for social media and clients but also just for my own memories. So that, one day, when I’m grey and old I can look back and relive my fantastic adventures.

Queer Travel Couple and Van lifers


Hey I’m Ells! I’m a typical millennial, clinging on to whatever I have left in my 20s.I’d like to think that I’m a jack-of-all-trades because I learned how to fit electrics into our campervan, taught myself videography and now I’m turning my hand to Marketing & content creation .

I’ve been travelling since 2015, and I’ve had a few dances with death on my journey but this been far outweighed by the incredible lessons and experiences from these travels.


Having met for the first time back in 2009, we both went our separate ways, until 2017, when our red strings tugged hard and pulled us together, just when we needed each other most. It soon became extremely apparent that at heart we weren’t made to keep still and we soon got to planning our adventures.

After Steff spent 3 months travelling Asia with her best friend, Ells flew out to Croatia to spend Steff’s last week of travelling with her. The goal from there was to set off on a world trip after saving for a year. However the wanderlust grew to strong and we both handed in our letters of resignation 8 months early and set on off on our adventures together.

We spent close to 2 years travelling Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand, Malaysia and India (in that order and a few Europe visits in between) and during lockdown we started working on our campervan conversion – Bohemia!