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Here you will find all things Van Life from how-to’s to road trips and the best gadgets for Van Life.

Review: READ this BEFORE you purchase the Jackery Explorer 500!

We LOVE the outdoors, as you’ve probably guessed. We love hiking, even if our bodies don’t, we love camping and we love van life! The ability and accessibility to explore this world is key for us and being in nature is our passion… BUT, how do we keep all of our gadgets powered up? Read more to find out…

Camper Van Build

How to Build an EASY Camper Van

This is a blog on how to build your own basic campervan. Ideal if you are travelling New Zealand or Australia and have a small van you wish to turn into your mini home-on-wheels! Although this is a really great starting point for any camper van build.

DJI Mavic Mini

Why we chose the DJI Mavic Mini

We’ve recently purchased our first ever drone and as complete novices in this space, we didn’t want to get an all singing all dancing MASSIVELY expensive drone. Especially because we were unsure as to how we would even get on with flying a drone! Read on

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Steff & Ells from We Are Wandering Travel in Palma, Mallorca

About Us

Hi, we’re Steff & Ells. And as you can probably tell we’re obsessed with travel! Everything we do is travel orientated and our mission is to show everyone just how accessible travel an be when done in the right way. We are a Queer couple and will be speaking about our lived experiences as a Queer couple travelling Read more

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