Bali’s Abandoned Airplane

Bali’s abandoned airplane is certainly creepy, but also eerily beautiful!

It is unknown as to how it got to where it is and even what it was supposed to be for! Surrounded by shipping containers, which we are guessing, was used to transport the plane there. It is also surrounded by other engine parts. Some locals think it was meant to be converted into a restaurant but the owner ran out of money before they could get started on the conversion.

We weren’t quite brave enough to climb over the fence to get the awesome shot sitting on the cliff side with the airplane in the back ground… with Steff’s track record it was probably better to stay behind the barriers! But if you are brave enough there are some awesome photos to be captured!

Where is it?

There are actually two abandoned airplanes in Bali, one is actually precariously placed in between some houses in Kuta, however this one is much further south of Kuta, just up the road from Pandawa Beach.

If you are staying in either Uluwatu, Jimbaran or Nusa Dua it should be fairly simple and no more than a 15-20minute ride away. Coming from the Seminyak area it will probably take you about 1.5 hours – but you can always add it into your Southern Beach itinerary! So once you’ve stopped off at Pandawa Beach, head up to the Abandoned Airplane!

When driving along the main road, it maybe slightly hard to find as there are shipping containers obstructing the view of the abandoned airplane from the side of the road, but keep an eye out to your left and when you go past an opening with shipping containers you know you are at the right place! The climb up to the view point is just a little farther up from the containers! You may have to pay a small fee, but if you go at the right time (evening time) there isn’t usually anyone there! RESULT!

What is there to do?

With the abandoned airplane being the main attraction, there isn’t much else to do here – but it is great for an awesome photo opportunity – Either braving the cliff top ledge or if you’re particularly good at climbing you can climb up onto the containers to get your shot!

We highly recommend tying this trip into a day trip when visiting the southern most beaches of Bali. The closest beaches to the abandoned airplane are Pandawa Beach and Green Bowl Beach.

Best time to visit?

From 5-6.30pm! As it is evening time there is more than likely not going to be anyone at the gate charging you to go up to the viewpoint. And as the sun sets behind the abandoned airplane, you’ll get an incredible shot!

Where to stay?

We actually stayed near Pandawa Beach, as the hotels were slightly cheaper! In fact we managed to bag ourselves a right bargain and stayed in a brand spanking new hotel (definitely 4* rating) for as little at £17 per night (about 320K IDR).

We stayed at Pandawa Hill Resort

It only took a maximum of 5minutes to reach the abandoned airplane by scooter! Perfect!

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