How to reach 10K followers on Instagram (in just 6 months)

So as many of you may know, this month we hit our first milestone of 10,000 followers on Instagram and since we announced this, we’ve had a lot of people asking us how we did it! So we thought it would be a lot easier to write it all down in a blog for you all.

So here are our top tips for reaching your first 10K followers on Instagram;

1. Engagement

The biggest and top tip we can give you is that engagement is EVERYTHING! What with Instagrams ever changing algorithms, one thing we do know is that their algorithms are based on who you engage with. And the ones that you engage with more frequently show at the top of your feed. So if you reverse that… the more people that you engage with, you increase the likelihood of them engaging back with you (and you showing up in their feed there after).

Main types of engagement include;

– Commenting on posts from accounts that are similar to yours. Make sure your comment is genuine and not generic!

– Follow other accounts. More importantly, follow accounts that you like, but if you make sure they are similar to your account/within the same niche then even better.

– Watch peoples stories and reply to them when they are asking questions/using polls/votes etc.

– If you particularly like something that an account is doing, drop them a DM and let them know!

2. Follow followers from accounts similar to yours.

Do a bit of research and find accounts that have a good amount of followers that post similar content to yours and follow their followers. If you post content in the same niche the likelihood that their followers will follow you is quite high!

We’ve found that it doesn’t work so much for very large accounts, but if you follow the followers from accounts between the 5k-10k follower mark works really well!

3. Offer shoutouts on your story (or your page if you’re up for having other peoples work on your page)

By offering shoutouts you are offering a sort of reward to your followers. Make sure you have your own hashtag and ask ask people to use this on their pictures, but also ensure they are tagging you in their pictures to for them to be able to gain a shoutout.

We offer a Wednesday Shoutout where our followers use #wearewandering and tag @we.are.wandering on their pictures. We then shout out 3 of our favourite pictures on our story on a weekly basis.

4. Take advantage of Insta Stories

People want to get to know you, they want to see what you get up. People don’t follow accounts, they follow personalities! So get your face on the stories! Video you going about your adventures and even your day to day life. Speak to your followers!

5. Post on a regular basis

We post daily. Always once a day and on the rare occasion twice a day (but never any more than that!). If you swap your profile over to an Instagram Business Profile you can use the analytics feature to work out when is your best time to post too. This will provide you with maximum exposure.

Our peak times tend to be around lunchtime (12-1pm), 3pm and 6pm. But this could vary from country to country so find an app that provides good analytics and insights into when your followers are most active/engaged.

6. Use relevant hashtags, but not necessarily the biggest ones!

On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags. Take advantage of this and use all 30 hashtags! The most effective hashtags for smaller accounts like mine and yours will be those that are 100,000 and below. Anything bigger and your post will just get swallowed up. Don’t get me wrong, we do still use a couple of bigger hashtags for good measure as there is a chance of reaching the top post and high exposure but mostly focus on those relevant hashtags (to your post) that are below 100,000. We find the ones between 20,000 – 70,000 are the most effective!

You can use particular apps to target specific hashtags or you can just do a bit of research on Instagram itself as to which hashtags you want to use.

7. When you get new followers, send a thank you message

I know it’s hard to keep up with every new follower you gain, but every now and then try and engage with your new followers and thank them for joining your adventure. It adds a little personal touch!

8. Tag shoutout pages in your posts

Do some research, find pages that offer shoutouts on their page (make sure they are in the same niche/market as you) and use their hashtags and tag them in your post. Aim for accounts with 10K+ followers. If you get a shoutout from them that exposure to whole new lots of potential followers!

I’m sure there are other things you can add to the list, but these are the main tips that we have followed over the last 6 months that saw us grow our following from 400 followers to 10K followers.

Don’t get us wrong, this hasn’t been a fast and easy process, we’ve put a lot of effort and time into growing our account. But it has all been worth it and we’ve made some awesome friends along the way, whom we plan to meet up with once we’re back on the road (next week OMG!)

Give this a go and if you need any help or support along the way feel free to drop us a message on here or on our Instagram @wearewanderingtravel

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