Essentials to take on your Camper Van Road Trip!

1. Fairy Lights

Now we all know that your bog standard camper that you hire for your amazing road trip isn’t going to look like the beautiful vintage VW campers that are pasted all over Instagram… BUT you CAN make it look a lot more picturesque with some really simple things like Fairy Lights!

For our road trip in a few weeks time I’ve just ordered us some wire fairy lights, which you can pick up super cheap. The reason I’ve gone for wire is because you can easily wrap it around things, especially if there aren’t any hooks to hang the lights off of!


2. Round Mandala Throw

For all of those nights you’ll be spending eating dinner under the stars you’ll want to get yourself something to sit on and the perfect solution is a Mandala Throw! This can also double up and be used when sunning yourself on all of those beautiful beaches you’ll be coming across!


3. Microfibre Towel

So these are pretty much essential for any kind of trip, especially if you’re backpacking! They roll up real small and dry super quick so they take up as little room as possible in your limited space! Microfibre Towe.
You can also get some really cool ones which would look pretty thrown over the seats at dinner time (along with those fairy lights!)

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Now some of you may be fortunate enough that your camper has an av port to plug in your iPhone and sing along to your preselected road trip playlist! But if not, make sure you’ve got your Bluetooth speaker on you to blast out those tunes!

I literally don’t go anywhere without my Juice Bar. Defintely my best investment!


5. Antibac!

Being out on the road means you’re going to be up against the elements of mother nature and all that is wild. Make sure you’ve got some antibacterial hand soap on you to ensure you kill any unpleasant germs – you don’t want to be getting sick on your amazing trip now do you?!? Antibac Gel

6. A Fan

As long as you’re at a power site for the night, in the Ozzy heat a fan can go a long way at night! You can usually ask the camper van company to provide you with one at an extra cost. But trust me, it’ll be worth it!


7. First Aid Kit

You never know what you are going to run into, but it’s always handy to have a First Aid kit on you to help out should you get into a small accident along the way

8. Ear Plugs

Now if you’re anything like me and like silence when sleeping, these are a must! As a camper isn’t the most sound proof of places and you don’t know how noises your neighbours might be!

When I traveled round Asia last year I took a couple of sleeper trains and used these bad boys – they really did their job and I had a peaceful nights sleep… Pluggerz Earplugs

9. Mozzie Spray

Again, this is another essential for any traveller travelling to a hot country!

The stuff doesn’t smell particularly nice, especially if you are using one with a high deet percentage. But I’ve come across a spray that doesn’t use deet, and from my experience does exactly the same job! It’s all natural and actually doesn’t even smell THAT bad! It’s called Incognito

Since discovering this stuff I’ve started buying multipacks as you can never have too much mozzie spray!!

10. Baby wipes!!

Last, but not least is baby wipes! You NEED these, especially if you’ve parked up at a beautiful spot that doesn’t have any shower facilities! Waking up in a hot sweaty mess isn’t ideal, so use those baby wipes for a quick wipe down until you get to your next shower. Keeps everyone smelling fresh!Body Wipes


So that’s my list of top ten things to make sure you take with you on your Campervans road trip! Most of the other essentials, if you’ve hired your van through a reputable company should be included. So things such as pots and pans, bedding, water tank etc.

If you can think of anything else then please feel free to comment below!

Happy camping guys!

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